Ten Tips when Planning a Desert Wedding in Vegas

Couples who are dreaming for a destination wedding but not living in a tropical or faraway location would want to have a wedding desert wedding. The desert’s climate appeals to a lot of couples, especially those who live in more frigid locations of the country. Below are the 10 Essentials to Prepare for Your Desert Wedding in Vegas:

Make your Out-of-Town Guests Feel More Special

You would want to show your appreciation to all your guests, especially for those who have travel thousands of miles just to witness your big day. Hosting a welcome reception for them is the best way to do this. The party does not have to be formal or fancy.

Offer Welcome Gifts

If your budget allows, welcome gifts such as a bottle of water and a mini sunscreen bottle are a nice touch. They are especially great for guests who are not used to the desert climate.

Ask About Activities Included in your Wedding Package

Complimentary yoga, guided hikes, and bike rentals are activities included in desert wedding packages. You can add this information to your wedding website so that your guests know what to expect.

Contact Vendors

If you have a wedding planner, you save yourself from the stress that comes with searching and contact vendors yourself. Wedding planners can recommend dependable firms that are familiar with the area and the venue.

Concentrate on the Importance of the Occasion

Although it can be daunting to gather your loved ones and friends for a destination wedding, you can depend on hired professionals so you don’t sweat the small stuff. Your desert wedding will only be successful when you can focus on why exactly you are there.

Consider the Decor’s Aesthetic

Desert settings are out of the ordinary and provide fascinating natural colors that are different from mountain or tropical destinations. All elements need to be tied together to create lasting memories.

Consider Cultural and Traditional Culinary Elements

In terms of culinary offerings, things such as a signature drink, music, or taco bar are a great way to get started. Take advantage of what is already at the destination and just add your ideas.

Check the Weather

Sometimes, the weather in the desert can be unpredictable. Pay attention to it and pack accordingly.

Consider Timing

You must take into account the time of the year and any events that could be taking place on the same weekend. Events such as music festivals could affect the flow of traffic leading to your destination.

Host a Farewell Brunch

Give your guests a snack or a full tummy as they start to head back to their homeland. Brunch is also a great time for goodbyes.

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