Benefits Of ETIAS, The New Travel Authorization System By The European Union

There are a total of 62 countries in the world except for the 44 European Nations that are allowed in the continent of Europe without having to acquire their visas. These 44 European Nations also include the Schengen Area border countries that are 26 in number. The non-EU citizens who are permitted visa-free into the continent of Europe will now have to apply for ETIAS EU. The European Union has introduced a new travel authorization system for the various reasons that we are going to discuss in this article.

ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System. It is a new visa-waiver system introduced by the European Union. It is designed especially for the non-European citizens who are permitted to in Europe without needing their visas. ETIAS will allow this kind of visitor to enter the European Nations for a period of three months visa-free.

There are various benefits of this new travel regulation. This is launched in order to ensure the security of the borders of European Nations that will result in improving border management. ETIAS will also help in eliminating terrorism issues from the continent and it will reinforce the fight against crime.

Another purpose behind the introduction of  ETIAS is that it will prevent irregular migration. It will let the authorities deal with the migration issue hassle-free. It is a more convenient way of traveling for the visitors too. It is believed that ETIAS will save your time and will comfort you in the procedures of security checks.

ETIAS is going to be in action from the year 2021. They will officially launch on 1st January 2021. They will have no effect on citizens who always had a need for a visa to enter any of the 44 countries that belong to Europe. These 44 European Nations also cover the 26 nations that fall under the Schengen Border Area.

ETIAS will let you stay visa-free into the continent of Europe for a period of 3 months one at a time. The validity of your ETIAS will last 3 years from the date of the issue. However, your ETIAS will automatically be considered expired if the validity of your passport ends. You must have a valid passport in order to apply for ETIAS.

To apply for ETIAS you must visit their official site where you will get an online application form. The procedure of filling out the form is very easy. The form will require you to fill your basic details. It will have several sections where you will need to put your name, last name, middle name, date of birth, contact number, gender, nationality, place of birth, etc.

In order to apply for ETIAS, you must have a valid passport, which means if you don’t have a passport or your passport is expired then you are not eligible for applying for ETIAS. You can use your ETIAS to visit the European Nations for business, travel, transit and medical purposes only.

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